Your First Spanish Lesson

Its important to walk before you can run. Learning the Spanish language is no different. Think back to when you first learned your native tongue you were immersed with your parents or guardians teaching you by repetition, television and reading baby books if you were lucky! We always encourage our students to always perform a Spanish grammar check after every translation, do you do this?

Spanish Grammar Techniques

These techniques to a child are all very important and are the building blocks to learning Spanish. the grammar, vocabulary and learning difficulty is all dependent on you retaining the information learned on courses or in modern life. I cant stress enough that practicing what you learn is the fundamental key to learning the language.

Learning Spanish verbs

Spanish Verbs

Spanish verbs are probably the hardest point of the Spanish language as there are several different tenses that all make the Spanish past, present and future tenses.

A quick example above on YouTube is the difference between por and para which means “for” in English

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