claires in miramar

its has a lot of cool stuff like a stress ball,slime and other amazing stuff.

  • i got some lip gloss aswell
  • fanta like a drink
  • sprite like this one here
  • and cola cherry just like this one.
Make sure to go.

how much is it?

Its about 5 or more Euros, its sent is like straberry fanta and the sprite is like the REAL sprite in a lip balm! Finally its the cherry cola witch is like sweet cherries but in cola lip balm. So go to claires accesories theres amazing things their.

where is it?

Its in Fuengirola miramar with the big lizard symbol. Its quite big if you have a kid they will ABSALOUTLY love it there at clairs.

Make sure to check it out.

(by Rosie 8 years. Dad showed this to me. 🙂